Raniwala unfolds a curated experience of rare value that celebrates the traditional jewels of India​


The luxurious history began with Rai Bahadur Champalal of Beawar. He was bestowed the title of ‘Rai Bahadur’ by the British and given the mark of ‘Raniwala’ in the 19th century. His passion and appreciation for fine jewellery live on as a legacy, and stand as a hallmark of the Raniwala family.
Rai Bahadur Champalal of Beawar

Legacy of Raniwala Family

The Raniwala family, originally from Beawar – a city that was historically a major trade hub in the Merwara state of Rajasthan. The lineage builds on this aesthetic, which has evolved into treasured collections, exquisitely handcrafted with a timeless appeal.

Art of handcrafting jadau jewellery


Jadau Jewellery, a thousand year old art form, requires expert mastery and synergy among groups of craftsmen – Ghaarias, Meenakar and Sunar – to create magical elements of celebration. The shape of each stone is carefully studied with an experienced eye of the Raniwala family, and embedded in dazzling settings at our atelier.

Experience Centre

The new generation of the Raniwala family, Abhishek and Abhiyant, showcase one-of-a-kind creations at the experience centre in the cultural scape of Jaipur.

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Winner of IJ Jewellers Choice Design Awards  |  International Jewellery Design Award   |  10th Jewelers Association Show – First Prize in Jewellers Category


This season, Raniwala 1881 celebrates reinvention – redefining the future of jadau and flat-cut polki jewellery in contemporary flair, with a bow to the glorious legacy of the past.